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Taking a stand: Rebel Wilson refused to do bulimia scene in rom-com Bachelorette

Adam Bub
Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Australian comedienne Rebel Wilson has made it big in Hollywood with hit film after hit film, from her hilarious parts in Bridesmaids and What to Expect When You're Expecting to a voice role as a pirate kangaroo (what else?) in Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Now, the actress who came to fame on Aussie TV in Fat Pizza and Bogan Pride is front-and-centre as bride Becky in the Bridesmaids-esque rom-com Bachelorette, with Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and True Blood's Lizzy Caplan as her bridesmaids.

While the film is packed with out-there humour covering topics from cocaine use to abortion, but Rebel drew the line at making fun of a serious issue: eating disorders.

"There actually was a scene in the original script when Becky was bulimic. And it was so dark. Kirsten and I had a day of rehearsals before we started filming, and we talked about that scene," Rebel told Huffington Post in a new interview.

"It's a disease that lots of people suffer with. It was really kind of glamourising bulimia, and so we decided to change it. And you see that Reagan [Kirsten Dunst's character] in the movie obviously had had an issue with bulimia in the past."

Rebel asked writer-director Leslye Headlund to alter the scene, which she did.

"The bulimia scene was the scene that was too much, but it was a huge monologue that Becky had about — the best way to describe it was about the euphoric feeling. And I didn't think we needed it."

Rebel is also unafraid to broach the topic of her own body image in a cast of slim Hollywood beauties.

"As a comedian, I think, well, obviously I am overweight, and sometimes you have to use what you've got," she said.

"Like if you've got a big nose and there's a character with a big nose, you're like, "Why not?" I'm not shy about playing characters like that. But I do like to mix it up, so I wouldn't want all my characters to somehow be associated with being big."

Rebel will next be seen alongside Twilight's Anna Kendrick in the musical comedy Pitch Perfect (watch clip here).

Bachelorette is out November 29. Vote 'want to see' on MovieBuzz here.

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Tell us: Was Rebel right to take a stand on the bulimia scene?

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