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What Kermit really thinks about that Lady Gaga outfit

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lady Gaga is a massive fan of the Muppets, but what does Kermit himself really think of her infamous stuffed-Kermit costume? Was it the ultimate compliment, sheer animal cruelty or a shopping binge gone hopping (hee-hee) mad?

TheFIX's Kylie Speer sat down with the flirty frog for a frank chat where he revealed his true feelings about the outfit in the video above.

He also told us what he thinks of Twilight after he and his fellow Muppets did a viral clip for Breaking Dawn in the lead-up to their new self-titled movie, out here on January 12.

For more, watch the full Kermit and Jason Segel interview here!

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