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Russell Crowe slammed by Sandy victims for making movie in damaged area

Yasmin Vought
Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Russell (left) and Colin Farrell (right) on location at Red Hook in Brooklyn.
Russell (left) and Colin Farrell (right) on location at Red Hook in Brooklyn. Images: Allan Bregg/Splash

The residents of Brooklyn's Red Hook in New York are upset that the filming of Winter's Tale starring Russell Crowe is delaying the recovery of the Hurricane Sandy devastation.

"The crew's taking up all the parking spaces on the streets," one resident told New York Post.

"People are still trying to dig out. Fairway was under six feet of water. Now the movie has a craft-services tent in the parking lot."

The local residents have also said the shoot was meant to have been packed up by last weekend.

"We were told the shoot would be done by Thursday," said a disgruntled resident. "But now the crew says it will be longer because [Crowe] didn’t show up for filming last week."

"When I asked when it would be done, the answer was, 'As long as it takes Russell to film'."

The sources on the production side of the story explained that Russell was not to blame.

"It's not true that Russell missed any days on set," the sources confirmed to New York Post.

"Schedules for every production filming in New York have been shuffled because of Sandy, Noah [also starring Russell] included."

They also explained that the filming rights have been verified with the local council.

"The film's been working closely with the City of New York, and everything has been above board," the sources said.

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