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Glamorous to grotesque: How make-up turned Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway ugly in Les Misérables

Yasmin Vought
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How do you make Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman look ugly? In the video above, makeup artist Lisa Westcott takes us through how she transformed Anne, Hugh and their co-stars Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter into grotesque, disease-ridden characters.

"[Lisa] somehow manages to pull off this extraordinary journey for Hugh," Tom says.

"You really feel that he's lived a really long and tiring life."

Hugh had to wear contact lenses and a mouth mould of grotesque teeth to perfect the look.

Anne was lucky enough to avoid the false teeth, but still went through her own equally awful transformation to look like a "bloody mess".

The Devil Wears Prada starlet shaved her head, went on a gross diet and wore a lot of purposefully unflattering makeup, but when she becomes a prostitute they had to also "somehow get rid of her teeth". Eeek!

Les Misérables is in cinemas Boxing Day. Vote 'want to see' or 'not interested' on MovieBuzz!

Hugh as the filthy convict, Jean Valjean.
Images: Universal Pictures

The magic of makeup: Anne as Fantine, before and after prostitution.
Images: Universal Pictures

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