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Watch: Russell Crowe tells of son's cute reaction to him playing Superman’s dad

Patrick Kolan
Wednesday, February 27, 2013
He's no monster, our Rusty. While notoriously rough around the edges, Russell Crowe appeared overnight on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he softened up when talking about playing Superman's dad while being a real dad to his two sons.

In the clip above, Rusty relates a cute story about when he told his older son Charlie, 10, that he'd be playing Superman's dad Jor-El in Man of Steel — and he was shocked by his kid's adorable reaction. Check it out.

"To be able to sort of naturally find out that at his core and centre he had that sort of humility was a wonderful moment," he said, grinning.

Russell also has a younger son, Tennyson, 7. Both kids now live with his ex-wife, Danielle Spencer, in Sydney.

Rusty also spoke with Jay about his Oscars experience this week. With Les Miserables co-star Anne Hathaway scoring an Oscar nod for her performance, and Russell being critically overlooked, the star was gracious about Anne's successes.

"I was really pleased for her that it came true. It's a hard road she's just gone down because she was winning everything. The more you win, the more the tension comes up. Will I continue to?"

It's rare to see Russell this relaxed and chatty. Later, when asked about how feels to be taking a back-seat to younger faces, he replied with a laugh, "Times have changed".

They sure have, Rusty! You turned into a nice guy. Incredible.

Excited for Man of Steel? Head over and check out the trailer!

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