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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
RELEASE DATE 9/07/2014 | Yasmin Vought
This clever re-imagining of the classic Pierre Boulle novel stands strong among an influx of wham-bam blockbusters.
RELEASE DATE 12/06/2014 | Paul Stock
Dating can be pretty humiliating at the best of times but it's only made worse when neither party wants to be there.
The Rover
RELEASE DATE 12/06/2014 | Yasmin Vought
Set 10 years after the collapse of society, The Rover takes us on a bleak journey to outback Australia, where the law as we know it has disintegrated.
Edge of Tomorrow
RELEASE DATE 5/06/2014 | Paul Stock
If you could live any one day over and over until you got it right, you might not choose to spend it liberating Earth from a race of aliens...
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