Movie Reviews

August: Osage County By Grant McAvaney
Austenland By Dale Rolfe
Adoration By Grant McAvaney
After Earth By Adam Bub
A Good Day to Die Hard By Yasmin Vought
Anna Karenina By Yasmin Vought
Argo By Yury Glikin
American Pie Reunion By Claire Gould
A Dangerous Method By Richelle Jackson
A Few Best Men By Adam Bub
Albert Nobbs By Adam Bub
Attack the Block By Dom Phillips
Anonymous By Rima Sabina Aouf
Abduction By Samuel Downing
A Nightmare on Elm Street By Mark Beirne
Alice in Wonderland By Samuel Downing
A Prophet By Paul Stock
Avatar By Samuel Downing
Away We Go By Emma Thelwell
A Serious Man By Yury Glikin
An Education By Claire Gould
Anvil! The Story Of Anvil By Stuart Fagg
Adventureland By Morgan Derera
Angels and Demons By Claire Gould
Australia By Claire Gould
American Teen By Morgan Derera
Angel By Yury Glikin
Across the Universe By Georgia Sholl
A Mighty Heart By Georgia Sholl
Away From Her By Stephen Tosio
After the Wedding By Yury Glikin
Amazing Grace By Georgia Sholl
Are We Done Yet? By Jonathan Pedreira
Apocalypto By Morgan Derera
A Scanner Darkly By Samuel Downing
A Good Year By Mark Beirne
A Prairie Home Companion By Georgia Sholl
Aquamarine By Jonathan Pedreira
An Inconvenient Truth By Mark Beirne
American Dreamz By Mark Beirne
Aeon Flux By Deirdre Smith
A History of Violence By Mark Beirne
A Good Woman By Mark Beirne
A Lot Like Love By Mark Beirne
A Common Thread By Mark Beirne
A Home at the End of the World By Samuel Downing
Assault on Precinct 13 By Mark Beirne
Are We There Yet? By Akash Arora
Aliens of the Deep By Roger Gregory
Alexander By Mark Beirne
Alfie By Sara Friedman
Agatha and the Storm By Dani Haski
After the Sunset By Mark Beirne
A Very Long Engagement By Dani Haski
A Man's Gotta Do By Sarah Wilson
Alien vs Predator By Mark Teasdale
A Cinderella Story By Mark Beirne
Against the Ropes By Dani Haski
Along Came Polly By Mark Beirne
A Heart Elsewhere By Naomi Landau
Adaptation By Mark Beirne
Almost Famous By Greg King
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