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Beam me up!

Samuel Downing, MovieFix
The sheer adventure and fun of it all definitely makes "Star Trek" a film you must boldly go to see. Read More

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The dialogue was pretty weak in places and the characters didn't have any time to be developed fully, which makes the movie seem a bit clumsy. Some of the acting was below par. Yes, the action was good, and effects great, but I don't really think they manage to save the movie... Overall, not good enough - I don't care it sets an alternative time line, I do care that it's not up to the usual Star Trek standard...
Excellent movie with inspired casting, recreates the sense of adventure of original Star Trek with modern stars from many of today's most popular films. Engaging story line, fun cast and brilliant special effects ensure this three year mission is not to be missed. Enjoy !
Did not live up to all the hype, but was still a fun film. you all that mentioned the changes obviously didn't catch the references to different time lines. I won't waste my time to go see it again, but I WILL buy the disc when it comes out.
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