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Human face to political crisis

Kerry Bashford, MovieFix
Gives a human face to the immigration crisis, and creates complexity where there is usually simplistic responses and knee-jerk xenophobia Read More

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Pretty far fetched. How the hell did they manage to light a fire every night. Did they carry waterproof matches??? Why didn't they know a direction to take, by sun rising in east etc, particularly if they were trying to get to the coast? If it was so hot during the day, why were they rugged up? Producers/directors should have done a couple of hours walking in this terrain, to give themselves some ideas of the terrain. These guys should have had burnt lips at least, from such sun exposure!
It is a little movie which starts very promisingly but runs out of ideas within 30 minutes. Then the storyline becomes farcical and tedious with arguments (none of which add anything to the narrative) amongst the would-be refugees. Australian filmmakers still need to tell the tragedy of Refugees and the treatment they have suffered in the hands of the Australian Government (with bipartisan support). This film attempted to do it but fell short. It is a pity, because the intentions were good. However, one should treat the outcome objectively regardless of their intentions and the reality is that the end result here is not good enough.
 anthony smith
anthony smith
it was certainly worth viewing this movie funny, simple yet sensitive to human plight, a lesson in the great Australian landscape and how to survive/not survive, plus an insight into some stories of those who wish to be allowed into this formerly welcoming country of ours.
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