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The Smurfs

The Smurfs takes the 80s favourite kids' cartoon and embellishes it with special effects, New York cliches and gutter humour.
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Shiny but shallow copy of a great series

Clarissa Meffan, MovieFix
The Smurfs takes the 80s favourite kids' cartoon and embellishes it with special effects, New York cliches and gutter humour. Read More

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i thought it was reall y funny and cute!!!i just loved it!!!well done!!!
OMG it was the best movie i have watched in ages and if you havent seen it before go and take a friend or a family member and sit down and relax and enjoy the amazing movie!! BTW the smurfs are sooooooo cute!!!
Troy Campbell
Troy Campbell
Vapid and tedious, this big screen outing for the beloved eighties cartoon characters (although the movie is based on the earlier comics, not the show) is an exercise in patience, tolerance and staying awake. With a yawn-inducing plot, achingly bad jokes and an excruciating overuse of the word “smurf” (“Smurf-tastic”, “No smurfing way” etc etc), the easy-to-please youngsters may find something to enjoy but parents will either be scratching their eyeballs out or catching up on some much needed sleep – depending on their mood at the time. I’m prepared to sit through most kiddie flicks with a smile on my face for the sake of my children, but that’s virtually impossible when the film is such a big, steaming pile of smurf.
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