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Anonymous is earnest, high-camp and regularly ridiculous, but it's also a fun and gripping adventure for lovers of stagecraft or Tudor mystery.
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Shakespeare or not Shakespeare, that is the question

Rima Sabina Aouf, MovieFix
Anonymous is earnest, high-camp and regularly ridiculous, but it's also a fun and gripping adventure for lovers of stagecraft or Tudor mystery. Read More

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Hardly worth not seeing. This film demonstrates, in full character how one could obtain said credits on behalf on one other. If you're looking for an action packed thrill roller coaster you absolutely cannot miss not going to see Anonymous.
saw it today and was pleasantly surprised how cleverly and plausibly the tale is woven together... fabulous cast and very watch-able
Troy Campbell
Troy Campbell
Better known for end-of-the-world popcorn flicks 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla and Independence Day, Roland Emmerich proves there’s more strings to his bow with this highly competent period political thriller. If you can go along with the main conceit – that Shakespeare was an illiterate, drunken buffoon who was putting his name to the Earl of Oxford’s plays – then Anonymous presents a delicious tale of deceit, lust, betrayal and violence. The quasi-gothic setting, gloriously photographed by DP Anna Foerster, compliments the mostly on-song cast, featuring Rhys Ifans as the conflicted Earl of Oxford, Vanessa Redgrave as the tinderbox Queen Elizabeth I and David Thewlis as the malevolent William Cecil. Rafe Spall doesn’t impress as much as the obnoxious Shakespeare, but Aussie boy Xavier Samuel takes another step closer to stardom with his solid work as the Earl of Southampton. An intriguing history-amending yarn that sees 130 minutes fly by.
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