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Cowboys and Aliens

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Once upon a time in the alien-invaded west

Adam Bub, MovieFix
The idea of mashing up a western and alien movie isn't bad, but Cowboys and Aliens takes itself way too seriously to really ignite. Read More

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I have heard a lot of peoples views on this movie and a most missed that it was not a cross over it was the 1850s or there abouts and alians come to take the gold and they used the weapons they had and with the help of the alian lady came out on top and even the weapon Daniel Craig had was just luck when he escaped as i came out of the movies i heard some young people talking about the movie and they missed it alltogether so i think a good movie will get a bad review only becaused it could not be put in a catagory
For those pessimistic people out there in the world of La La; if you wanted to watch a movie, that did not take you away from reality you would be watching a documentary. David Attenborough would be your favourite actor and your life would be dull, your imagination poor and conspiracy theories real (to you). Movies are not about reality, if your going to be condescending to what i think is a great entertaining movie. For those who like to be entertained and appreciate things for what it is; cowboys, guns, action, Olivia Wild, heroes, unlikely heroes and sugar coated aliens. Do yourself a favour, switch off for a few hours and just enjoy what is. Then re engage brain and go and write doctrine for how to improve the world.
Troy Campbell
Troy Campbell
Cowboys & Aliens. Cowboys... and... aliens. On one side cowboys, on the other side aliens. How could this not be the best motion picture ever? By being treated with such heavy handedness and seriousness by all involved, that’s how. Jon Favreau, the filmmaker responsible for the fun (and funny) Iron Man films, has approached this seemingly bonkers concept with a misguided sense of importance and the two heavyweight leads miss their mark entirely. Daniel Craig’s amnesiac outlaw is as emotive as a rock and Harrison Ford’s terse ex-Colonel is, well, just plain old cranky, which unfortunately becomes tiresome quicker than you can say “geriatric Indiana Jones”. Even the creatures from outer space are underwhelming. Thankfully Sam Rockwell is on hand to liven things up a bit as the town’s snarky doctor.
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