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The Change-Up

The Change-Up takes the body-swap comedy and gives it a gross-out, male-humour makeover. Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds keep it afloat.
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Let's hear it for the boys

William Kostakis, MovieFix
The Change-Up takes the body-swap comedy and gives it a gross-out, male-humour makeover. Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds keep it afloat. Read More

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Julian Farrell
Julian Farrell
Found the body-swap thing a tad contrived. Two guys pee in a fountain & voila they change identities. Yeah right! This sums up how deep the film was. :-/ I found some of it rather gross & some of the humour uncomfortable to watch in a cringeworthy kind of way rather than side-splittingly funny. Not a terrible film, but by no means brilliant either.
This movie is like pizza. Easily digestible as opposed to some heavy movie that would be hard to chew during a stressful working week. I love a "body swap" movie & this is a good one.
Troy Campbell
Troy Campbell
The second Jason Bateman gross-out comedy in as many months, this body-swap flick (that sees Ryan Reynolds womanising man-child switch places with Bateman’s tightly wound family man) doesn’t exceed expectations like Horrible Bosses surprisingly did. In fact, it’s pretty much as funny as I predicted – which is to say, not very funny at all. There is the occasional laugh-out-loud moment, and a handful of chuckles as well, but all too far and few between, with more than a fair share of absolute clunkers – mostly the baby gags – to really dry up the laughs. The leading duo are decent if uninspiring, Reynolds playing the straight character in order to give Bateman the larger share of humorous dialogue. Olivia Wilde is wasted as Bateman’s sexy assistant and Leslie Mann plays the completely thankless role of his wife, whilst the bizarre use of CGI is more off-putting than useful.
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