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Red Dog

Australian audiences have fallen in love with this underdog feel-good flick.
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l love red dog l cry when see the move
If you have a heart beating in your chest you will enjoy this movie. So much better than the CGI crammed box office busters that Hollywood seems to churn out on a daily basis. I laughed, I cried and after the credits rolled I gave my kelpie x cattle dog a huge cuddle and thanked my lucky stars that we humans have such wonderful canine companions.
The worst Aussie film I have seen for decades. Aussies are gullible. They believe climate change denier shock jocks, and they believe the endless hype that this is a great film. On what basis? Cinematography? Script? Acting? Humour? Warmth? Insight? Some have called it little more than an advert, for the mining industry. Terrible that there is not one Aborigine in it. It lacks charm, spark, warmth, anything. Come on Aussie, you could do so much better!!! PS: why why why an American actor as lead???!!!
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