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Killing Them Softly

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Brad Pitt's latest won't go softly

Grant McAvaney, MovieFix
While partially empty and mostly cynical, Brad Pitt's latest is still a solidly produced and visually enjoyable film. Read More

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Saskia Cornell
Saskia Cornell
I totally disliked this movie - I think it's one of Brad Pitt's worst - the plot was really plotless.
Andrew Dominik's third film once again uses violent characters who don't really know themselves to darkly comic effect. As a satire it's pretty shallow, as a thriller it's only sporadically thrilling, but Dominik's films never try to fit into neat categories, and they're better for it. The end result has a clear plot (even though it managed to escape some of the other reviewers here), some beautiful visual effects, terrific performances, and quite a few grim laughs and coheres into a really entertaining film. What it means (or whether it has any meaning) is another question. Will happily buy the DVD
A pot boiler - at best. Meaningless violence is a poor substitute for a good plot- which this isn't.
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