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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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Another day, another reboot

William Kostakis, MovieFix
Did we need more Planet of the Apes? Apparently so. This sequel mostly works, as long as you don't ask any questions...or expect a solid plot. Read More

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It wasn't what i expected but in a good way, I know James Franco is a great actor so i knew that the acting wouldn't be disappointing as he always does a great job, which he did. I just wasn't sure about how good the graphics would be but the effects where some of the best iv'e seen when it comes to the expressions on the apes faces, very well done. I wasn't prepared for how sad it would be, they did such a good job at making you feel sorry for the poor apes. You fall in love with Caesar, it was all round a great movie! :)
Troy Campbell
Troy Campbell
The unlikely standout blockbuster of 2011, ROTPOTA is one of those rare beasts that successfully merges jaw-dropping action with intelligent, thought-provoking themes. This is no dumb fun – although it’s good enough to be if that’s all you want from it – but instead a stimulating trip back to where it all began for the ascension of the apes (as seen in the original Planet of the Apes). The human cast are all terrific, especially James Franco as the thoughtful scientist, but it’s the inferior primates (or are they?) that are the real standouts. A perfect convergence of performance by Andy Serkis (who also played Gollum and King Kong) and photorealistic motion-capture CGI, Caesar – the genetically enhanced ape we follow from birth – is a memorable, affecting and powerful character. The gap between live acting and mo-cap acting is no more.
This movie is worth seeing if only to keep up with the next 2 or 3 sequels. Good casting and superb make up. It is sad in parts and reminds some that you should always treat others nicely. I look forward to Planet of the Apes 2, 3 4.................
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