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Gibson is back with a brilliant Beaver

William Kostakis, MovieFix
Mel Gibson balances the comic with the dramatic, and pulls off one of the greatest performances of his career in this unusual comedy-drama. Read More

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Joseph Hemmingway
Joseph Hemmingway
Bro dis movie was amazin!!! Mis en scene was spectaular and the da cinematography ws to DIE FOR!!!!! Go see it!
If you have been touched by mental illness, in any shape or form, you will get alot more from this movie.
Rachel Marks
Rachel Marks
Mel Gibson - i would never give this movie a chance. Id prefer to watch the comedy trailer on Youtube. Rather than this crap film. Sorry but truly not a masterpiece - a pile of rubbish more like it. An insane father that talks through a Beaver puppet. What the hell? No thank you. No stars from me.
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