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A Separation

This Academy Award-nominated drama is a compelling look inside the breakdown of a marriage in Iran.
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This is a great film, and well worth its universal acclaim on the critical circuit. Highly recommended to a wide audience. Like most great foreign films, it has believable and sympathetic characters. Each is flawed in their own way and the movie doesn't make us take sides. However, unlike many foreign films, it moves along at a cracking pace. The legal scenes are very tense and it feels somewhat like a thriller, in that you want to know what happens next. This isn't the type of movie that is loved by only a few cinephiles, and feels like watching paint dry to eveyone else.
Ross James
Ross James
If you want clever effects, wild music, and unrealistic action, don't bother. However, if you can appreciate a clever plot, with extremely well timed twists to throw your brain around, you'd have to like this movie. You'll blame, hate, like, and feel sorry for, every character at some time. Everyone is torn between family and, religious pressures. They are all trying to do the right thing, but circumstances just keep turning it around. The ending will leave you sitting in your seat for a while.
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