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The Muppets

This movie is really, actually funny, and it'll give you the warm and fuzzies — warm and Fozzies? — to reacquaint yourself with Kermit and Piggy and Gonzo and their comrades.
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Muppets give you the warm and fuzzies

Samuel Downing, MovieFix
It's a bit like reuniting with an old friend to see the Muppets again in their first big-screen outing in years. Read More

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It powerfully sucked. the clever sharp whit that blew us away on many levels has been replaced with a soppy mupped called walter who bored us to death. Its an abomination. There were only glimpses of former muppets as the whole thing was backed up around the flog muppet walter. Don't expect to see any beaker action or any of the muck running and multileveled humour that made the muppets awesome.
I took the kids and enjoyed it JUST as much as they did, if you grew up with the muppets like i did it will be a step back to a more innocent time. The cameos are awesome, love Dave Grohl's animal, what a legend!
I saw The Muppet movie and after 10 minutes was ready to walk out. Very 'cheesy', and didn't quite hit the mark with a 'musical', 'comedy' or 'drama'. Very 'white bread', middle class, caucasian ... It was only the fact that my children nodded affirmatively when I asked if they were enjoying the movie that I stayed. Despite their wiggling on the seats in a vaguely distracted manner. I really liked the Muppets in their initial format, but this was tedious and a waste of time and money. Particularly as we had recently viewed The Adventures of Tin Tin which was fabulous and far more engaging for everyone.
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