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Low-key charmer saved by star power

Adam Bub, MovieFix
Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts: the two names alone are worth the ticket price. Larry Crowne isn't their best work, but it's likeable enough. Read More

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You would think that a film with Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts would be good, but no! Tom Hanks was more like Forest Gump and Julia Roberts was not at her best. The characters were not at in the least believeable and the plot was so shallow and predictable. All over, bad acting, but maybe it was due to the poor script and directing. It was like a bad sitcom comedy/drama gone wrong! Really... don't bother!
I think this movie could have been heaps better with a spunky lead character for Julia Roberts . I thought the story was so so and having Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts as main characters was a serious mismatch on so many levels. They had no spark. Great actors separately but a total mismatch together. No sparks flying between them and certainly no goose bumps for me at the end of the movie.. Movie was LOL! in some scenes but just didn't cut it for me.
 John Cav.
John Cav.
This was enjoyable from go to woa. No great social commentary, no "inconveniente truth" bull, just enjoyable characters, in a little satiric mode setting out to entertain. Take someone who needs, or likes a laugh and a good time.
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