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Drive is a well-put-together piece of film. It's an homage to 80s cinema with strong acting and high-art sensibilities, but at the same time, it's a crime thriller that offers few genuine thrills.
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Gosling's thriller stalls in second gear

William Kostakis, MovieFix
Drive is an homage to 80s cinema with strong acting and high-art sensibilities. But it's also just a crime thriller with few genuine thrills. Read More

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Over-the-top splatter. The rule of thumb in today's cinema-- the more you hear the sound of a car at high throttle, the weaker the story line
Basically a horror moved dressed up as an art form. The pace is excruciating and the violence preposterous. Anyone endorsing this sort of film must be either devoid of real feelings and desperate for a cheap thrills without any foundation. Gosling and Mulligan are pretty good despite the crap surrounding their movie...
Not really my cup of tea, but it was a decently-made film, to a point. I dug the subtlety of the two main characters' relationship, but a lot of the "mystery" surrounding Gosling's character felt a bit contrived. Also didn't like that the DVD omitted only him for any cast interviews, presumably to maintain the enigma surrounding the Driver. Oh, please. Stop acting like we in the audience are a bunch of morons. A bit of pretentious schlock, cheesy '80s music and all. The whole nostalgia factor just became tiresome IMO.
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