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Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen's in a whimsical mood with Midnight in Paris. You'll either go along for the ride, or yearn for a simpler time when an Allen movie wasn't just a vanity project.
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Lots of joie de vivre, not much going on

Adam Bub, MovieFix
Woody Allen's feeling whimsical. You'll either go along for the ride, or yearn for a simpler time when an Allen movie wasn't just a vanity project. Read More

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Why is it that lately, I always come away from a Woody Allen movie feeling like I want to re write it? What begins with an interesting concept becomes a nostaligic travelogue with cardboard cut-out characters and cliche dialogue..
An entertaining introduction to the cultural history of the 1920s - there are some whose curiosity has been peaked by wanting to know more about Gertrude Stein, Alice B Toklas, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Monet, Dali, the Dadaist, Surrealist and Avante Garde movements.
I loved this movie. And have seen it twice, would be happy to see it again. Largely for the reasons as already written by Brona and JayJay. Their reviews express my sentiments beautifully.
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