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Impressive psycho-drama could have gone deeper

Richelle Jackson, MovieFix
After a hiatus of five years since the disappointing Eastern Promises, David Cronenberg returns with the based-on-fact psycho-drama A Dangerous Method.

Adapted from the play A Talking Cure, this film covers a period of great friendship and collaboration between Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen) and Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender), though Cronenberg chooses to focus on the relationship between Jung and patient-cum-mistress-cum-psychoanalyst Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightley).

Spielrein is committed to Jung's sanatorium for hysteria — and as it turns out, she likes to be spanked, and thankfully Jung has an interest in spanking. An intelligent young woman, Sabina develops a relationship with Jung, which escalates into a full-fledged affair that's destined to end badly. When it does, both turn to Freud as friend, mediator, confidante, and even analyst.

A Dangerous Method is a good little film, even if at first Knightley is painful to watch as a hysterical woman complete with ticks and crazy eyes, and an accent that I'm assuming is Russian.

In the third collaboration between Mortensen and Cronenberg (following A History of Violence and Eastern Promises), Mortensen plays Freud as a cigar-chomping Jew who it would seem is jealous of Jung's money, youth, and talent and succumbs to an almost petty disagreement between the two men.

For me, the only character that has any real depth is Jung, played by the charismatic actor-of-the-moment Fassbender. My favourite scene has Jung simply looking across the lake; how a man can portray such a sense of loss and heartbreak without speaking or moving is riveting.

All in all, this film is impressive: the attention to detail in the costuming is wonderful, the lighting is brilliant, and the cinematography is gorgeous.

However, it could have been a bit longer and take a more in-depth look about the relationship between Jung and Freud.

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Colleen Nicol
Colleen Nicol
A Dangerous Method is not a good little film, it is a compelling, profound,exquisite, moving and brilliant film.

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