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Singing, singing and ... more singing

Adam Bub, MovieFix
Stop singing. Seriously, stop already. My head throbs with the same thought throughout the interminable 157 minutes of Les Mis. Read More

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Some Aussies ancestors were sent here (Australia) by England for stealing a loaf of bread... think about it...flogged if they protested at the cruelty, starved, broke rocks while their legs were chained. Jean Valjean got off lightly...! Seriously, good production, better than the professional stage production I saw in Canada.
Absolutely loved it! Usually can't stand musical movies, but will definitely see this one again!! One of the best movies ever
Hated it. the singing was largely pathetic, it was over acted, and the actors were acting as if in a movie not in a musical. The focus was too much on their melodrama rathar than the beauty of the score. Maybe that was the intent to draw your attention away from their appaling singing. Hugh Jackman who I usually love was terrible for the singing of Jean Valjean. His voice was all wrong. Russel Crowe didnt even rate a mention. Anne Hathaway was probably the best, but she was so over acting it detracted from the performance. I actually ended up turning it off as I couldnt stand it anymore. I wouldnt waste my money going to see it if I were you. Instead go and hire the original on dvd and see how it should really be.
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