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Mauboy and Mailman shine in Aussie gem

Adam Bub, MovieFix
With a stellar cast, an infectious soul soundtrack and a dynamic 1960s backdrop of revolution and rebellion, this vibrant gem is hard to resist. Read More

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Sid Movies
Sid Movies
Well done Australia , a movie that does not dumb down Australia . The 60's were a simplier time laden with complicated issues . The movie dealt with a number of issues that were portryed in a heartfelt manner. The way the indigeneous families were scripted was sensitive and clever I felt proud that the story was told . Should be a project for English students in our schools . Go see the movie you will want to shed a little tear at certain times , and feel good at the end a great story told by engaging actors with great screen prescence . The whole cast deserved a pay rise. Three Star plus hope it rates when the awards of Oz come around. Sid Movies^
Great Movie! As all Australian movies are. Loved the singing and acting, so truely Aussie. Can't wait for it to come out on DVD, will certainly add it to my movie library!!!!!!!!
This should get movie of the year. Excellent
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