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Our Review

Tim Burton back at his very best

Grant McAvaney, MovieFix
Some might say a fable about raising the dead could never be a delightful romp with a message of tolerance. Obviously Tim Burton didn't get the memo. Read More

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Just watched this movie with 12 of my sons friends for his 8th birthday,. GREAT movie however not for this age group!!! I had some scared little girls and one of them cried. Im partly to blame should have read the review first. It is however a very cleaver darkly humerous black and white animation about raising the dead, there are zombie like caracters and even touches of other movies like Godzilla. Its cooky, creepy and great!
Being a massive Tim Burton fan i may be a bit biassed but i really enjoyed 'Frankenweenie'. Personally i think this updated and extended version was unnecassary but still worth a watch. Took a while to get going and seemed to drag on but that may just be because i love and remember the original. Sadly it doesnt need to be in 3D. A great to take the kids to.
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