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Margin Call

This highly acclaimed drama about the start of the GFC in 2008 is touted to be one of the best Wall Street movies ever made.
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GFC drama much juicier than it sounds

Claire Gould, MovieFix
A film about the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 may not seem like the sexiest premise for a captivating movie – but this is one worth watching. Read More

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Has an interesting appeal of topic about it with especially the going on`s in Europe.
I'm usually not very interested in these sorts of serious films (I'm much more interested in comedy) but was drawn to it because of it's long list of stars, so I thought there must be something interesting about it. While I didn't understand the nuances and trader speak I got the gist of it and found it compelling just because of the performances put forth by Zachary Quinto and the others. Over all an interesting look into what lead to the GFC.
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