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Trouble with the Curve Reviews

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Eastwood's missed curve ball

Yasmin Vought, MovieFix
Director Robert Lorenz's debut film Trouble with the Curve explores the struggles faced by an ageing baseball scout (Clint Eastwood), as he endeavours to retain his professional respect and recognition from his peers while simultaneously struggling with fading vision and other signs of old age.

His estranged daughter, Mickey (Amy Adams) - named after the famous baseball star, Mickey Mantle, attempts to reconnect with him in order to save his job and sanity.

Mickey has her own struggles as a lawyer fighting that glass ceiling for a partnership in her law firm, but risks it all to help her somewhat ungrateful father.

Eventually they meet another scout named Johnny (Justin Timberlake), who adds a bit of comic relief to the film.

It's a bit of a slow-burner and takes a long time to get from A to B, but when we do get there we are genuinely moved.

Trouble with the Curve is a frustrating yet heart-warming film that misses the mark due to a predictable and dated script, not to mention the poor performances from the supporting cast.

Adams and Eastwood do their best to carry the film, but there's no saving this inherently frustrating missed curve ball.

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dont take any notice of any negative reviews there would no be a better movie on at present.
Not a bad movie , not overly exciting . But not bad

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