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Smart sci-fi thriller one of the year's best

Adam Bub, MovieFix
Looper juggles a minefield of philosophical questions, packaged in a slick, mind-bending sci-fi thriller. Read More

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Be prepared to be bored witless for the first thirty minutes of this film. There is no opening bang and no excitement. Instead you get a long, drawn-out voice-over telling you what's going on because obviously the screenwriters couldn't figure out how to just show it. The characters have the most superficial of back-stories and motivations and there are plot-holes you can drive a truck through. Pulling off time-travel is tricky in film and this does not achieve any success at overcoming the many paradoxes. Also, you think it's going to be a neat, action-thriller about a man meeting (saving, perhaps) his future self. No. It turns into spooky 'children of the corn' and the paranormal. They've tried to add too many 'cool' elements here and the result is an incongruous mish-mash. The stars are for the tiny glimmers of hope (cool sci-fi ideas) that this film hints at but never carries through with.
My boyfriend and I watched Looper last night for the first time and we very much enjoyed this film as we expected, we both thought it was well made and the story was intriguing and kept us wide awake as we were watching it in the early hours of this morning. Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon- Levitt couldn't have made it more great, I have always liked these two actors and it was nice seeing both of their exceptional acting abilities be shown on screen firing off one another, all in all a worth seeing film!
Intriquing plot line & good acting but left us feeling yuck.
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