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Something to really sing about

Dale Rolfe, MovieFix
For those longing for the glory days of Glee, Pitch Perfect offers all the theatrics, soul and comedy you've been craving.

Beca (Twilight's Anna Kendrick), an aspiring DJ, reluctantly joins her college a cappella group, The Bellas, under pressure from her father. With her kohl-rimmed eyes and surly 'tude, Beca baulks at their flight attendant uniforms and saccharine song choices – she's alternative, okay?

Saddled with tyrannical leader Aubrey (Anna Camp) and a quirky batch of oddballs, Beca does what she can to see the team has a fighting chance. Cue audition sequences, infighting, team bonding and deciding whether or not to take a big risk at nationals.

Predictability aside, the humour is snarky and pointed and the great one-liners seem endless. The musical performances are thrilling, high-energy spectacles and the soundtrack offers refreshing mashups of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Sia tracks.

Australian comedienne Rebel Wilson continues to slay the American market with her undeniably scene-stealing roles, Pitch Perfect being no exception. Her zippy delivery and perfection for timing are glorious here.

Anna Kendrick is as charming as ever and Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are ghastly fun as bouffant-headed, vicious commentators.

Pitch Perfect could easily be overwrought and irritating, but like other teen comedy gems Bring it On or Mean Girls, its silliness only adds to its appeal.

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This movie was AMAZING! I honestly thought it would be much better and funnier but the movie still deliviers amazing performances. Also: BEST SOUNDTRACK!
This show is awesome, it's Grease, it's Glee, it's Moulin Rouge, it's Romeo and Juliet and it is so funny. It will make you feel good and not stop talking about it.

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