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Robert Pattinson shows his dark side in Fight Club-style thriller

Grant McAvaney, MovieFix
Twilight star Robert Pattinson is at his brooding best in director David Cronenberg's timely adaptation of the morbidly intelligent novel Cosmopolis. Read More

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Loved it - not normally into this style of movie but was intrigued by the combination of a stellar cast and mind-boggling director in David Cronenberg. Can't say I didn't leave the theatre scratching my head at all of the individual concepts running through the movie, but thought the acting and cinematography was sublime. In particular the closing scene between Rob Pattinson & Paul Giamatti was truly brilliant. Critics and audiences seem to be split. Movie received an extended standing ovation at its completion at Cannes. Can't help but wonder whether the people who are panning it are just too embarassed to admit they don't understand the thought & concept behind it all.
john Cook
john Cook
80% of the audience walked out after the first half hour. Worst movie I have seen in years.
Amazing review,thank you.
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