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The Place Beyond the Pines Reviews

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A real page turner

Brad Gray, MovieFix
The Place Beyond The Pines is an ambitious crime drama that reunites emerging director Derek Cianfrance with Dan Gosling after 2010's romantic slow-burner Blue Valentine. Here, Cianfrance masterfully crafts another bold film fuelled by character analysis.
The film happens upon the lives of two central characters starting with Luke (Ryan Gosling), a talented motorbike stunt rider who turns to robbing banks to provide for his family. This sees him encounter rookie cop Avery (Bradley Cooper) before he starts climbing the ranks of a force riddled with corruption.

The film also stars Rose Byrne, Eva Mendes, Ray Liotta and Aussie Ben Mendelsohn, who plays shady mechanic, Robin. Patriotism aside, Mendelsohn, who has created a niche for himself playing the "unkempt deadbeat", is superb yet again. In fact, one of the few disappointments of the film is that he doesn't get more screen time. Gosling meanwhile, can simply do no wrong at the moment and only further enhances his reputation as the most captivating and versatile young actors of his time.

From the get-go the audience is pitched into the deep-end of a film which runs for a fast 140 minutes and covers a period of 17 years. To tell much more would spoil what proves to be an absorbing narrative shaped by sorrowful currents and a carefully balanced soundtrack (full points for the use of 'Dancing In The Dark'!).

The Place Beyond The Pines never reaches a climax, yet it doesn’t it need to. Playing out like a novel impossible to put down, come the end, Cianfrance turns the final pages for you, leaving you profoundly satisfied.

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Long and tedious. People in our cinema were walking out half way through. If I didn't have dinner reservations after the movie I would have too! story was ok, just drawn out and slow.
Terrible boring loooong tedious

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